Geminus Acquisition & Management

Geminus Acquisition & Management has built an ecosystem of companies over the past ten years that focus on lending to businesses and consumers throughout the credit spectrum.

Currently, Geminus and its founder are involved in six various funding platforms that provide financing in prime and non-prime equipment leasing, subprime and luxury auto lending in Canada, as well as financing within the bitcoin industry in both Canada & the United States.

Geminus has a team with decades of experience in founding funding platforms, as well as investing & providing management support to non-bank lenders.


Acquisition and investments are only considered within the private lending space and opportunities must be:

  • complementary to the existing portfolio companies;
  • have positive cash flow or the possibility of positive cash flow in the near term and;
  • Geminus must be able to use its expertise to increase the intrinsic value of the funding platform.


Arundel Capital Corporation provides true asset-based leasing to clients throughout Canada for the acquisition of revenue producing industrial equipment.

Recently acquired by NYDIG in 2021, Arctos Capital is a technology-driven commercial lender that provides financing solutions to bitcoin holders, investors, and mining businesses.

Sonoma Capital is a coast-to-coast Canadian small-ticket equipment financing and leasing provider offering a full range of financing services to equipment sellers in the prime credit space. Sonoma is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with offices in Montreal and Winnipeg, and a Canada-wide sales force and broker network.


Founded in 2004, Solution Financial provide alternative leasing solutions to primarily affluent immigrants and international students, who cannot obtain leasing terms with traditional Canadian banks. Their unique equity-value leasing structures allow for flexibility and proactive upgrades not typically provided by traditional leasing companies.



Founded Mercado Capital

Sold Mercado Capital ($110AUM) to a Canadian credit union who continues to operate the business





Co-Founded Rhocore Income Trust


Co-Founded Arctos Capital


Investment & Management Agenda

Named Chairman of the Board


NYDIG Announces Acquisition of Arctos Capital

Geminus Announces Launch of Sonoma Capital


Servus Credit Union Announces Acquisition of Stride Capital Corp.


Randy Smyth

Randy is a well-respected leader and entrepreneur within the financial services sector and has over 35 years of experience building national financial leasing companies. In 1992, Randy founded Mercado Capital Corporation and grew the company to a portfolio of +$100 million before selling it in 2007. In 2012, he founded Arundel Capital and has since established Stride Capital, Rhocore Income Trust, and Arctos Capital (sold in 2021 to NYDIG). Randy and the employees within the Geminus ecosystem continue to manage and grow a portfolio in excess of $250 million AUM.

Randy currently serves as the CEO for both Arundel Capital and the Stride Capital, and also sits as Chairman of the Board for Solution Financial.

Aaron Van Hoevelaak

Aaron is a partner with Geminus and has 20 years’ experience in the lending and leasing industry. Aaron demonstrates superior knowledge in all aspects of financial accounting, forecasting, financial statement preparation, policy and procedure development, and stakeholder reporting.

More recently, Aaron was named President of Arundel Capital Corporation.

Jason Patterson

Jason is the Chief Investment Officer at Geminus. With over 30 years’ experience in risk and finance, Jason maintains a proven ability to exceed the goals set out in our corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Jason’s expertise lies in analyzing credit and portfolio risk, the development and implementation of risk, as well as investment and compliance policies and procedures.

Lauren Smyth

Lauren Smyth is a successful businesswoman with a background in sales & marketing. She has worked in many industries including the office furniture, insurance industry and retail sales distribution. Since the sale of Mercado Capital in 2007, Lauren has been actively involved in managing the Smyth Family Trust and its investments through Arundel Credit Corporation and Geminus Acquisition and Management Inc.